Our 2021 Keynotes

Jordin Tootoo

Dr. James Makokis

Cassie Campbell-Pascall


Brent Butt

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Don't forget to wear red on Friday's for Public Education!



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  1. ESTCA_ata Provincial Executive Council (PEC) has advised that all Alberta Teachers' Association Conventions for the 2020-2021… https://t.co/TbY6mFF1EE
  2. ESTCA_ata the pursuit of excellence, and how life can be improved through meaningful stewardship. Mr. Tootoo will be running… https://t.co/3WPNSYoWKF
  3. ESTCA_ata Bringing a message of inspired inclusivity, Tootoo speaks to the need for real teamwork—at work and in our social c… https://t.co/UATyr1QW0a
  4. ESTCA_ata We are very pleased to announce that our Opening Keynote speaker for #ESTCA2021 is... JORDIN TOOTOO https://t.co/yLtHXPaHgq